Alulak is located in 14 kilometres to the north of Qazvin.
Population: 250 family live in this village which the main way of their income is farming and and animal husbandry.
Why the village called so?
There are two theories about it:
Aalulak: it’s time when Alu (plum) is getting ready or a place which this tree is abundant.
Alulak :It means an eagle which is moulting. Ale in old Persian means eagle. Numerous golden eagles in the region can be a better reason for calling it so.
As old stories say 400 years ago there was a man called Kazem who choose the region for summer activities and then but then decided to stay there permanently. Some other families joined them and formed the village.
Natural and historical attractions :
Sultan Veis tomb: it’s a tomb of Oveis Qarani which the date of construction is in Seljuki period.
But more researches is needed.
Kafar Meydan: it’s a historical tower from ilkhanid period. Some say the it was built on pre-Islamic ruins.
Mill: there is a mill more than 400 years old located in western side of the village and next to the main river.
Natural attractions:
Aletar or Sultan Veis mount which is nice for a day hike.
Bala khane khoda is a small cave on west face of the above-mentioned mount.
Old gardens, Qalaye Hill and main river are other attractions.

Art in the village :
Handicrafts in the village :
1.Making mats and wooden baskets.
2. Drugget knitting.
3. Cord making
4 carpeting
5. Local dolls making (it was an old costume but few years ago it was revived.
6. Cloth weaving.
How to get to the village?
There is a asphalt road from Norouzian street for 13 kilometres to the village. Also it’s possible to go there from Qazvin-Zanjan high way.
Buildings under construction
Carpet shop
Local museum