Qazvin is a city where calligraphy reaches its eminence and aesthetical beauty in Iran. Since old times this city was the cradle of the most eminent Iranian calligraphers such as Miremad Hasani Qazvini, Mirza Mohammad Hussein Qazvini, Mirza Mohammad Ali Qazvini, Malek Mohammad Qazvini, Goharshad Hasani Seifi are of hundreds which made it the capital of Iran’s calligraphy and its calligraphy’s permanent museum welcomes the visitors at Chehel Sotun’s palace.
The calligraphy exhibition takes place every 2 years with the presence of the masters of the subject from all around the world.
Miremad Seifi Hasani Qazvini one of the best calligraphers of Iran born in 1554 in Qazvin. He was the greatest and most famous calligraphers in the history of Iran who strengthen the base of Nastaliq in a way that all the professionals in Islamic calligraphy called it “the elegant calligraphy”.
He was the most effective one in Nastaliq and owing to his intelligence at his time a lot of problems of it has been solved.
Some of his masterpieces are in Iranians, Turkish and Russian museum. As well as these precious arts, Gulestan and Bustan of Saadi and Munajat Naame of Khaje Abdullah Ansari
Remained from him.