The ambassador of the Roman empire, Georg Tectander von der Jabel in Shah Abbas court stated: Qazvin can be comperd with the city Brescello. This city has no fences.
On October 26th, Robert Shirley and I set out, and after 5 days we reached the first city in Iran, which was on this route, Qazvin. It was so peaceful there that there was no need for any fences or fortresses.
Jean Baptiste Travernier
French merchant and traveler (1605-1689)
There is no walls or fortification around the city and most of it is consists of Gardens.
The ambassador of Spain, Garcia de Silva Figuera (1550-1624) was in the court of Shah Abbas Safavi and he stated: Qazvin is such a big and important city that the Iranian Kings made it the capital, and their residence.
Jean Chardin (1643-1713) was a French tourist who said: Qazvin is a big and beautiful city in a wide plain with hot summer days and cool, and occasionally cold nights…
There are tons of inexpensive eatables, and the villages around it are full of clean water and fertile lands. All sorts of foods are grown in their huge and plenteous gardens, which the gardeners will take to the city. The best royal grapes, each bright and clear are produced in Qazvin.
This kind of grape is used to produce raisin, which in turn will be used to make the best and the most tasteful of Wines within the four corners of the world. These Vines are able to withstand the extreme heat of the sun without any water. And also the trees bear fine Pistachio.
British adventurer and traveler Robert Shirley (1581-1628)
He considered royal palace very impressive and said “ when you found ourselves in the royal palace everything was great, the port was nicely decorated with precious stones as I have never seen anything like it anywhere in the world. We went up 7 stairs and arrived to this port which was six yards wide and made of firm stones.
Adam Olearius (1603-1671)
From the Secretary ambassador of Germany to the king of Iran
Also in the roofed Bazaars of the city, trading is actively in progress and all the necessary goods are available with decent and mostly cheap prices