Qeime Nesar , the most famous traditional food of Qazvin
Iranian cuisine is considered to be one of the important aspects of Middle East culture and it is included one of the most complete alimentary components in the world and Asian food. Polo(cooked rice) and Khoresh(stew) are masterpiece of Iranian cuisine and it is considered as the original food of Iranian table, each khoresh has special local form in Iran. Qeime Nesar is the most famous traditional food in Qazvin. Since long time ago until now people in Qazvin have been trying to offer the most important and best food to guests. because of this, the food was named Qeime Nesar. The food was considered as ceremonial foods in the past and at weddings as wedding dinner was served with fresh vegetables. Usually, Qeime Nesar is served at large parties in all of Qazvin and specially as party dinner. Qeime Nesar consists of Rice, Meat, Almond, Pistachio, Fried Onion, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Rose_water, Saffron, Barberry. All of materials used in the food have nutritional value and therapeutic properties. The food also smells very good and is so delicious.