One of the old traditions in Qazvin in baking homemade cookies and Qazvini people have made such cookies for a long time. Qazvini women started to bake the cookies in groups in Esfand(late February to late March).
They start with milling almonds and pistachios provided from their traditional gardens and they mix other ingredients to make dough. Then they form them with different shaped bakewares, put them in special ovens called “Aplo” to make them ready.
Among the most important Qazvini cookies are “Qorabie”(Nougat), Nan Berenji (bread with rice flour), Paa Deraazi, Ataabaki, Naan Nokhodi, Naan Qandi, Naan charkhi, special breads served with tea and Baklava. Most of these cookies are made for Norouz. Baklava is specifically used for weddings ceremonies and some others like homecoming banquet for Hajjies.

The product that everybody loves it, either children or adults
ingredient:ground pea.oil.sugar.cardamom.saffron.
Because of its tenderness and good taste, it can be a good choice in your breakfast table
ingredient :ground rice.butter.sugar.milk.cardamom.vanilla.yolk.saffron.pistachio.

Due to the existence of sesame in ingredients of this confection, it can be effective in balancing blood pressure
Ingredient :flour.butter.suger.milk.vanilla.yolk.saffron.baking powder.
It is produced in two types of vanilla and cocoa
ingredient:flour.oil.sugar.cardamom.vanilla.baking powder.cocoa.

This confection is made of the finest Iranian rice flour and has a soft texture
ingredient: ground rice.oil.sugar.cardamom.yolk.rose_water.saffron.

Nazok pesteh
Memorable flavor…

Just try once

Very stylish and beautiful in your ceremonies
Ingredient :pistachio.almond. dough( oil,egg.saffron.)
Saffron benefits
1. Prevent blood clots and heart attacks
2. Contains vitamin B1 and B2
3. The use of saffron in chronic bronchitis and eye diseases and treatment of kidney stones is recommended predominantly
Pistachio benefits
1. Pistachio strengthens heart and memory and its use in the treatment of anemia caused by iron deficiency is very useful
2. Contains vitamin K, E, D, B6, B1, A